NAPP Certification Programs

NAPP, formerly NPHA, offers certification to individuals, programs, curriculum and trainer/consultants as part of its mission to equip individuals to help others by promoting standards of excellence in peer programs.

Certification for Professionals in Peer Programs: “Certified Peer Program Educator” or “CPPE.”
CPPE Application
CPPE Renewal
List of Certified Peer Program Educators

Certification for Peer Programs: “Certified Peer Programs” or “CPP”
CPP Application
List of Certified Peer Programs

Certification for Peer Curriculum: “Certified Peer Curriculum” or “CPC”
CPC Application

Certification for Trainer/Consultants: “Certified Peer Trainer/Consultant” or “CPT”
List of Certified Trainer/Consultants
For a Certified Trainer/Consultant Application, contact NAPP

Contact NAPP, formerly NPHA, for information on any of the certification programs.