2007 Board of Directors Election Results

2007 Board of Directors Election Results

Congratulations to the board members elected for 2007-2009:

Linda Parker
Cheryl Ward

At the Annual Conference, members vote to fill vacancies to the Board of Directors from a list of candidates. Candidates are asked to submit a photo and reply to a series of questions. Ballots are sent to members so those not attending the Conference can submit an absentee ballot. Those who are attending the Annual Conference are able to vote at the conference, after hearing candidates speeches and having a chance to interact with the candidates. Absentee and on-site ballots are tablulated and winners are announced at the close of the conference. Newly elected directors serve a three year term, beginning on January 1, following their election. Directors may run for second three year term.

Once elected, Board Members are expected to take an active role in support of NAPP. This includes being on two standing committees, attending two board meetings per year as well as the Annual Conference. Board members are not paid for their services nor are they reimbursed for expenses.

Board of Directors Candidate’s Questions